About Nabz Iran

Nabz-Iran, or "Pulse of Iran", is a secure platform for providing resources and training materials to help Iranians amplify their voices and advocate for greater accountability and related reforms. Over the years, Nabz-Iran has championed a number of initiatives to promote reform action, from the collection and mapping of rights violations to the development of guides and courses on advocacy and educational materials on elections and local government.

Information on Nabz-Iran comes from individual contributors and partner groups, and is gathered through on-the-ground witnesses, personal and professional networks and Iranian media sources. Resources on the Nabz-Iran platform are developed based on the request, input and feedback of partner groups and individuals working on-the-ground. These include online courses for building monitoring and advocacy skills, maps and other infographics presenting data, analysis of legislation and international agreements to which Iran is a signatory, manuals and guides to support activists, multimedia components to spark dialogue and conversations, and more.

Nabz-Iran does not advocate directly for specific policies and partners with a wide range of Iranian activists and international organizations to promote experience sharing, skills development and dialogue. We do not accept any funding that is tied to a particular political party or faction, requires support for a particular governmental policy, or otherwise compromises Nabz-Iran’s independence.

If you would like to contribute to Nabz-Iran, please send an email to [email protected]. To subscribe to Nabz-Iran and receive periodic updates on new resources and related issues, please visit the Subscribe page.