Baha’i family arrested in Tabriz

At 7:15 am on Sunday, July 13, 2014, intelligence agents entered the house of Farzad Bahadori, a member of the Baha’i community in Tabriz. The officials confiscated the family’s personal computers, cell phones, religious books and pictures, musical instruments and other personal items. The officials then arrested Farzad’s wife, Simin, and his two daughters, Sahar and Nassim. They then went to Farzad’s office and confiscated his computer. It is unknown where the family was taken after.

For the past three days there has been no information on the reason for the arrest of these individuals and family members are worried about the lack of contact with them regarding the reason for the arrests. On Tuesday, contact was made between Simin and another family member, in which she said that a bail of 20 million toman each had been set for her and her daughter, Nasim, but nothing has been heard yet regarding Farzad and Sahar.

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