Documenting Human Rights Violations in Challenging Environments


When collecting information, always keep in mind your audience. Is the information you are collecting relevant to them? Will it stimulate them? How do they like to receive information? By considering these questions ahead of time, you can strategize about how you will conduct your collection efforts. In particular, this lesson will outline two methods – audio and video collection – that can enhance the presentation of your information.

While you can collect information in one way (for instance, through written documents or testimonies), you can often repackage that same information in a more stimulating presentation (for example, by developing a documentary). Using audio and visual tools during the collection process allows you to repackage information with greater ease and in a more engaging fashion. By the end of this lesson, you will know:

  • How to collect information using audio/video recordings and images; and,
  • How to share and utilize audio/video recordings and images in your work.