Documenting Human Rights Violations in Challenging Environments

If you are going to collect evidence using audio or visual tools, plan ahead by taking a few simple steps. Completing these steps in advance will greatly improve the quality of your finished product. Here are a few preliminary questions to get started.

Let’s try answering these questions with an example:

Imagine you decide to address the problem of detained activists in Iran. Your objective is to show to the audience that these activists have been arbitrarily detained. You want to target people in Tehran, since they are in the city jail. One angle could be to interview the families and friends of these activists about their detentions. Another angle could be to look through court documents, reporting on the types of criminal charges doled out to the political activists.

Don’t Forget

Once you have selected a problem to focus on and begun developing your video or audio project, remember to do the necessary background research, such as reading articles about your topic, listening to past recording, and talking to experts.