Verifying Information in Challenging Environments for Citizen Monitors

People develop opinions based on the information available to them. If the information is not presented in the right context, the information may be evaluated very differently from how it actually occurred.

The idea here is that once you have verified the validity of information and the credibility of the source, you need to make sure that every part of the fact has been reported. As a citizen monitor you do not want to report something that may be missing information. This will not only hurt your credibility, but it will also portray the information as biased or as propaganda and hurt your overall story and mission.

To prevent this, there are two contextualizing techniques you can use to further verify information and ensure that all parts of the story have been reported:

  • Find data that can further support or give you an idea of the veracity of the information; and
  • Find data that can give a meaning to the information reported.