Verifying Information in Challenging Environments for Citizen Monitors


One of the first things you need to do when looking at the context of information is to try and put the information into perspective and look at the big picture.

Think back to lesson one. You learned to zoom out and analyze the entire picture and not just what was presented to you because what is being portrayed might not reflect the entire story. Remember, as citizen monitors you need to look at the entire picture; otherwise you will fall into the trap of reporting inaccurate information and hurt your credibility and your message.

Cross-referencing the context of information can you help paint the entire picture. By comparing and contrasting elements such as time and location, as well as additional data you have found to support and give further meaning to the information, you not only fill in possible gaps, but you further test the veracity of the information.

Test Your Knowledge

Look at the picture below and think about how you would report this event. You would probably give three completely different reports depending on which picture you were looking at. What steps would you take to ensure that your report is accurate and reflects the entire picture?