Documenting Human Rights Violations in Challenging Environments

The final question in the 5WS+H is HOW. To answer the “how”, provide details of the situation or incident. These details should address: how an event/incident happened; how it started and ended; how it affected the people involved; and, how people responded to the incident.

Read the following passage and identify how the government has restricted Christians from practicing their faith:

“By the 1990s, the growth of the Christian convert community in Iran led to a series of increasingly repressive measures, such as placing more limitations on recognized church attendance, shutting down Iran’s main Persian-language bible publisher, arresting evangelical church leaders and, most significantly, executing a pastor on the charge of apostasy. The growth of the house church movement, especially among Protestant converts, must be seen in light of this growing repression. By about 2001, house churches had become popular, organized Christian spaces. Borji notes that most are theologically evangelical. These underground churches became a place not only for converts, restricted from attending registered churches, to practice their new faith, but also a place where Iranians interested in Christianity could go to learn about the religion.” (Source)

How were Christians being persecuted and how did Christians respond to the said persecution?

The passage explains how various repressive limitations were placed by the Iranian government on churches. Some of the restrictions identified in the passage were: limiting church attendance; shutting down a bible publisher; and, arresting evangelical church leaders and accusing them of apostasy. It also explains how Christians responded to the persecution by creating underground “house churches.”


The more detailed in the information you provide, the more your readers will trust the information you publish.