Documenting Human Rights Violations in Challenging Environments

The fourth question in the 5WS+H is WHEN. The “when” can include the date and/or time an event took place, whether the event happened once or continued over a period of time, and how long the event lasted.

To identify the “when”, look for clues in the information you have collected. Is the date/time clearly stated in eyewitness or second-hand accounts? If not, are there other clues you can use to determine the “when”, such as timestamps on video/audio evidence? Or, are there clues about when it took place in relation to other political or social events?

Test Your Knowledge!

Read the following passage. To the best of your ability, use clues from the passage to identify the “when”. Also, use your knowledge of political events to help identify when an event might have occurred. If you just read the passage below, you might miss key identifiers about “when” in the source article, so be sure to skim the content found at that link as well. Click “next” to check your answer.

"I was in solitary confinement for 18 days with no access to my lawyer or to my family, no shower, and harsh physical conditions. I had no access to books, television, radio, or a pen... After 27 hours in solitary confinement, I was charged with things that weren't even crimes." (Source)