Documenting Human Rights Violations in Challenging Environments

Test Your Knowledge!

Using the Way Back Machine, type in and see if you can figure out what BBC Persian looked like on June 4, 2001. You will have to use the calendar to choose the year and date.

Click here to see if you got it right.

There are several other tools you can use to find out more information about a website. Two of these are and the Way Back Machine.

If you need help finding information such as how much traffic a site gets (its popularity), where its visitors live, contact/ownership information, or which other sites refer users to the source, consider using, a web information company that provides generally accepted analytical information about websites.

To use this tool, go to and type the URL of the website you are trying to assess. Then, click “get details”. Using this tool will show you information about the site’s users, including what other sites they tend to visit. For example, if you notice that a site’s users are looking at government websites, or alternatively, activist websites, this information can be used in your assessment of the website’s credibility.

Another useful tool is the Way Back Machine. Type in any URL and the site will show you what the page looked like in the past.