Documenting Human Rights Violations in Challenging Environments

When collecting information from media or online sources, you can use traditional sources – including TV, radio, newspapers, magazines or online news sources – or nontraditional sources, such as social media and blogs. First, we will learn how to find and use traditional sources to collect information.

How do I identify traditional media sources?

Traditional media includes radio, press, television and online news sources. These can be local, regional, or international. The first thing you should do when deciding what media to use as a source is to look into the type of news the sources usually report on, whether they cover the issues you are interested in, and in what ways this is done.

Look at these traditional sources where more than 80 percent of Iranians get their news. Ask yourself, would you access any of these to get information about human rights violations committed by state forces? Would you read them to know what the government’s stance is on a particular issue? What comes to your mind when you think about these media outlets as sources for human rights information? What other type of information do you think this media can give you?