Verifying Information in Challenging Environments for Citizen Monitors

Misspelling of a Place

The name of a place can change if the report has been translated from its original language. In this instance, you may find that spelling errors in the translation can lead you to a different location or even various locations. If a source misinterprets the spelling of a place they can send you in the wrong direction and you bear the risk of releasing false information.

Edited Information

In the search to verify a date or place, you may come across blog reports or Facebook posts about the information. Be cautious; people may edit information and Facebook posts for any number of reasons: to support a particular perspective, because they think it is incorrect, because of space limitations. In such a case, they may actually change the correct name.

While verifying the date and place of the information you have collected can be challenging, a way to solve this problem is to cross-reference your information with various reports.