Verifying Information in Challenging Environments for Citizen Monitors

During the location phase of the source verification process you can also check the language used by the source.

Try to verify whether the vocabulary, slang, and accents are correct for the location that a source might claim to be reporting from. For instance, if the reports are coming from a very rural area and the language is in perfect English, you may want to further verify the source. The same if a certain source is always reporting in a certain language and then suddenly you start receiving reports in another language. This may indicate that those reports are copied or taken from someone else.

Language exmples

In this example, two individuals by the name of Irani Asil (original Iranian) and Irani Vaghei (Real Iranian) are debating linguistics while Abbas, a regular Iranian, has no idea what they’re saying.

Later on this course, the lesson on verifying the content of information will dive deeper into looking at language; however, it is important to pay attention to the language used when authenticating the location of a source. A particular turn-of-a-phrase or use of slang can reveal a sources location.

Test Your Knowledge

On a separate piece of paper, explain two to three reasons why looking at location and language can help you authenticate the source.