Fiscal Futures: Scenario Thinking for Fiscal Transparency and Accountability


All around the globe democracy is on the decline and civic space is closing. As a result, it will require practitioners to get creative and think of new and inventive ways to reverse these trends. Included in all of this is weakened commitment to fiscal transparency and accountability (T/A). To address this, the International Budget Partnership brought together 35 fiscal T/A advocates and utilized scenario thinking as a way to get the advocates to collectively imagine the fiscal future in 2040. Together they created four plausible stories that centered around the interplay of democratic governance and civic engagement and allowed advocates to identify current gaps in strategy and think through new connections within and beyond the public finance field. Along with identifying gaps, scenario thinking also demonstrated to the advocates the important role public finance systems and policies play now and will play in two decades in advancing economic equality, social justice, sustainable development, and human rights. The resource starts with where fiscal T/A is now and demonstrates where it could go with a little bit of imagination and ingenuity.