Map of Iran Counties: Urban vs. Rural Population - Census 2016


In the last half century the demography of Iran has shifted from being mainly rural towards a more urban population. This has caused significant growth in urban centers, which consume a predominant amount of resources and infrastructure, while rural Iran might be getting left behind in development. One major difference for citizens is access to information, education and utilities. How does this shape their political views, and their judgement about their political and local leaders? These maps provide a view into the contrast between these two demographics across Iranian provinces and counties. Rural populations under 30 percent of total population of each area has been categorized as "Mostly Urban". Between 30 and 60 percent has been considered "Almost Equal," and above 60 percent rural population as "Mostly Rural".

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Map of Iran Provinces: Urban vs. Rural Population - Census 2016

Map of Iran counties - Urban vs. Rural population

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