Planning for local monitoring initiatives


In trying to figure out if the needs of citizens are being met, it is important to have an informed understanding of where things are and, as interventions and efforts for improvement move forward, if things are getting better, worse or staying the same. Doing that requires monitoring over time, which in turn means gathering data and information. The analysis of such data then provides the evidence base for whether things are working and where improvements - whether slight or dramatic - might be needed.

Nabz-Iran's manual on "Planning for Local Monitoring Initiatives" provides an examination of different aspects of planning and implementing process monitoring initiatives so they are inclusive, credible and objective, and able to help correct misconceptions, fill in gaps of understanding, provide the basis for advocacy or better inform choices. The manual consists of three parts: Planning, Implementation, and Presenting the Results.

This manual is recommended for activists interested in using credible data about ongoing processes, especially at local and community levels. The manual is part of a comprehensive collection of Nabz-Iran content on monitoring local processes, such as "Service Delivery Monitoring", "Budget Monitoring", and other related topics found in the Accountability section of

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