Strategies and Guidelines for Starting a Community Group or Organization


Groups and organizations are essential drivers for addressing community needs. To be successful, it is important that your group maintain a clear plan, stay organized, and have well defined goals and objectives. The Following Nabz-Iran resources can help you organize and maintain an effective group in your community.

Once you decide to start a group in your community you should clearly articulate the group’s sense of purpose and direction. Most often this will be expressed as the organization’s vision and mission. The Nabz-Iran Developing Vision and Missions Statement resource can help you outline these fundamental aspects into succinct statements of one or two sentences each. You will also need to decide if you want to become an official group or organization and go through registration process of your non-government organization. Check out the Nabz-Iran Introductory Primer to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Iran and the flow chart of how to register and NGO in Iran for more information on how to register an NGO in Iran.

As you start to build relationships to form your group, you will need to think about how to build good working relationships among group members. Both the Stages to Shared Leadership and the Path Towards Shared Leadership of a Group provides information for group leaders who are working with team members develop a sense of shared leadership and responsibility in a group.

As you start to think through and form your organization, check out the manual, How to Build a Good Small NGO, for best practices and exercises to help you think through all the steps and processes for starting your own NGO.