Tips and Tools for Advocacy


Before you launch your advocacy campaign it is important to take some time to make a plan. To be successful you need to evaluate your goals, needs, and points of entry for influence. The following resources in the Nabz-Iran library can be used to help guide you through the development of your advocacy campaign.

The Nabz-Iran Charting Advocacy Objectives will help you develop your objectives for an issue you would like to advocate on. Identifying Your Target will help you direct your efforts for influencing the appropriate audience. Questions for Evaluating your Advocacy Initiative developed by CARE can assist you in measuring the impact and effects of your advocacy campaign. Tips for a Good Meeting and the Pre-Meeting Check List can help you prepare for a meeting with stakeholders that can have an impact your advocacy efforts. And the Advocacy Strategy Planning Template can help you address some of the key questions that need to be answered before launching an advocacy campaign.