World NGO Day


NGOs are organizations of the people, and represent civil society. The independance and freedom of action within these organizations encourages citizen participation in the affairs of the government and in the oversight of public institutions within the community. NGOs are able to assist and help make a difference through the voluntary mobilization of the general public. The success of such organizations is based off of their legitimacy and credibility. These types of organizations can also monitor the performance of governmental operations, institutions and services.

Iran is often looked at suspiciously and suspected of secret activity involving how independent NGOs are funded. Such views have limited the power of action in these types of organizations, ultimately hindering their overall effectiveness, and citizen participation is discouraged. If independent non-governmental organizations have become a tool in the hands of the state, then this has happened without any indication from the genuine people who maintain positions of power in their office.

In this cartoon, Kianoush Ramezani provides an artistic look into the issue of the government's dominance and influence over NGOs.

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