Advocating to Improve Your Community

There are many ways to address community needs, whether through awareness-raising, fundraising or just by doing it yourself. Sometimes these approaches work, but many times, the only way to ensure that the government takes responsibility for creating long-term, sustainable solutions to community needs is through the policymaking process. And citizens, like you, have a role to play in influencing the government to respond with the specific solution that you and your neighbors would like to see implemented. This is called advocacy.

If you are someone who has a vision for how to improve your community by working with your neighbors to influence local authorities, then this online course can be useful for you. Through this course - Advocating to Improve Your Community - you will learn how to plan for and implement an advocacy campaign that can help you influence local authorities to take action and make positive changes in your community.

This course is divided into five lessons:

  1. Introducing Advocacy
  2. Planning for Advocacy
  3. Developing Advocacy Messages
  4. Implementing Your Advocacy Campaign
  5. Conclusion: Learning from Your Efforts and Looking to the Future

At the end of each lesson, you will take a short quiz to test what you have learned.

Course Documentation: 
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